Corporate Facility Management Services

We are always open to provide services to medium and large occupiers of office buildings, thus allowing them to focus on their core business

A specialized team will manage all the day-to-day activities related to the management of the premises:

  • Relocations, modifications, refurbishments
  • Technical maintenance, cleaning, security & reception
  • Food and beverages, catering services
  • Car fleet management
  • Assistance for operational departments

Main benefits:

  • Facility plans match company plans
  • Space is available when and where is needed
  • Capital expenditure is planned and controlled
  • Costs are minimized, sometimes avoided, and always predicted

Strategy versus day-to-day routine

How much of your time do you spend on strategic activities and how much on day-to-day administrative tasks?

Strategy vs day to day routine


Our approach goes well beyond traditional service models because we are equally focused on creating value and generating free cash flow for our clients, as part of our standard approach

We consistentlty achieve great results for our clients as we:

  • Introduce leading practices in the areas of organization design, facility management, technology, operating cost management and reporting
  • Leverage our network of internal experts, strategic partners and preferred suppliers
  • Deliver actionable insights and measureable results

As a direct result of our specialized approach, we find that on average, our clients experienced:

  • A decrease of aprox. 20% in Operational costs
  • Increased predictability
  • Optimized processes
  • Time efficiency
  • Contract management is preferable to people management

How do you choose your facility management provider?

Research shows that Trust is the most important factor in choosing a facility management provider!

The most important factors in choosing a Facility Management provider