Property Management Services

We can deliver only by understanding what makes a difference to you

As we adhere to our customers’ needs, we like to focus on every detail because we believe that this is the only way to add real value.

Our expertise in Property Management covers an extensive range of services:

  • Lease Contract Management
  • Tenant Management
  • 3rd party relationship management: authorities, financial institutions, utility providers, etc.
  • Financial Management: invoicing, payment of the suppliers, indexation & guarantees, insurance, property tax, service charge reconciliation
  • Management of Legal services
  • Management and supervision of the Facility Management Company
  • Organize and implement the major repairs or reinforcements
  • Create and implement the “Building Rules”
  • Prepare and implement the budgets: OPEX and CAPEX
  • Organise and implement the “Green Building Certification Process”
  • Manage the Guarantees of the Building and implement the Delivery Protocols for the new Tenants
  • Sales and Leasing Management


Sales and leasing management

The sales and leasing management function ensures a property maximizes its potential revenue, through a complex package of services:

  • Sales and leasing policies, procedures and forms
  • Complete sales and leasing services from lease negotiations to lease execution
  • Monitoring lease termination deadlines and renewal of Tenants' liaison
  • Organizing sale/rental folder (property presentation brochure, sale/lease agreement)
  • Coordinating the rental process, tender for realtors, drafting and monitoring the execution of the real estate service agreement
  • Representing owner in sale/lease and renewal of the lease contracts
  • Informing owner on current market conditions

Dynamics of the economy

Due to the dynamics of the economy, all Tenants and Landlords are very sensitive regarding the “occupancy cost”, which usually represents a combination of the several elements:

  • Rent
  • Service Charges
  • Electricity consumption for own premises
  • IT&C
  • Services for own premises (cleaning, fire regulations)

The service charge

Service Charge is one of the most significant cost incurred by any Occupier, comprising few key elements:

  • Property Tax & Insurance
  • Utilities
    • Electricity (common parts)
    • Gas (heating)
    • Sewerage and water
    • Garbage collection & disposal
    • Diesel (for generators & heating plants)

  • Property and Facility Management Services

Operational Cost by Categories

(new building, over 25.000 sqm)

Operational Cost by Categories

Service Charges by Building Size

(Just Property & Facility Management Services)

Service Charges by Building Size

Service Charges by Building Age


Service Charges by Building Age